Which WowGo Electric Skateboard Varieties Are Available?

The world has gone crazy with electric skateboards because they provide a pleasant, thrilling, and environmentally responsible way to travel, explore, and have fun. WowGo Electric Skateboards are leading this revolution; they can be purchased at WowGo Board.

What varieties of WowGo Electric Skateboards does WowGo provide https://wowgoboard.com/collections/electric-skateboards, though? This post will examine the variety of WowGo boards available, each made to meet the unique needs of a wide spectrum of riders. Accept the benefits of WowGo and transform your everyday travels or excursions into more thrilling, eco-friendly, and clean experiences. Take an once-in-a-lifetime ride by joining the WowGo movement!

Versatility Available Of Skateboard on WowGO

You can explore the following types of Skateboard on WowGo.

WowGo Mini

For anyone looking for an electric skateboard that is small, light, and extremely portable, the WowGo Mini is the ideal partner. The WowGo Mini is made to be used by students traversing a busy campus, commuters searching for a practical last-mile option, and urban explorers alike. The WowGo Mini’s small form factor makes it simple to transport and handle in confined areas. It’s among the lightest electric skateboards on the market, weighing only 7.4 lbs (3.4 kg).

When you’re not riding, you can easily carry it thanks to its integrated handle. With just one charge, the WowGo Mini can travel up to 9 miles (14.5 km). The battery can be fully charged in 2.5 hours, allowing you to get back on the road quickly. The WowGo Mini offers a comfortable and smooth riding experience despite its compact size.

SuperGo 2S

For a broad variety of riders, the WowGo 2S is an electric skateboard that is dependable and adaptable. It’s ideal for everyone searching for a dependable and effective form of transportation, including commuters and students.

Two 250W hub motors on the WowGo 2S provide plenty of power for a smooth ride. You may handle longer travels with confidence thanks to its range of up to 14 miles (22.5 km) on a single charge. The regenerative braking mechanism guarantees safe and responsive braking.

The WowGo 2S offers a smooth and steady ride because of its flexible yet sturdy deck. The wireless remote that comes with the package makes it simple to regulate your speed and brakes. Equipped with integrated LED lights, it improves visibility and safety, making it appropriate for rides at night.

Wow Go 3

The WowGo 3’s cutting-edge features and potent performance elevate electric skateboarding to a new level. It’s made for riders who expect great range, speed, and dependability. With a top speed of 24 mph (38.6 km/h), the WowGo 3 offers an exciting ride. It’s perfect for long trips or in-depth explorations because of its range of up to 19 miles (30.5 km).

For a responsive and exhilarating ride, the dual 600W hub motors give exceptional torque. During your journey, the regenerative braking technology not only increases safety but also replenishes your battery. You may customize your WowGo 3 experience to suit your tastes by selecting from a variety of ride modes. On a range of terrains, the huge 90mm wheels offer outstanding stability and comfort.

Knight WowGo

The WowGo Knight is intended for riders who want to experience the exhilaration of off-road exploration. It’s ideal for taking on challenging terrain, trail exploration, and outdoor enjoyment. The WowGo Knight can tackle a variety of terrains, including gravel walks, dirt trails, and uneven ground, thanks to its pneumatic off-road tires.

For off-road exploration, the two 1500W belt-driven motors provide remarkable power and torque. With a single charge, you may travel up to 22 miles (35.4 km) on an off-road adventure, making it a long and rewarding one. Constructed from premium materials, the deck is meant to endure the rigors of off-road riding. Reliable and responsive braking is a feature of the WowGo Knight that helps to keep you safe throughout your off-road excursions. You can easily regulate your speed and brakes with the provided wireless remote.

WowGo 3X, 5

The WowGo 3X offers speed and range in a stylish, small form, combining the best of both worlds. For riders looking for a high-performing and adaptable electric skateboard, this is the ideal model. With a top speed of 24 mph (38.6 km/h), the WowGo 3X offers an exciting ride.

Its 19-mile (30.5-kilometer) range makes it perfect for lengthy travels and in-depth investigations.

For a responsive and exhilarating ride, the dual 600W hub motors give exceptional torque. While you ride, the regenerative braking technology improves safety and replenishes the battery. To accommodate you’re riding tastes and style, the WowGo 3X offers a variety of ride modes. On a variety of surfaces, the huge 90mm wheels offer comfort and stability.


Finally, find the WowGo electric skateboard that’s right for you.WowGo offers a variety of electric skateboards to suit your needs, whether you’re a student, commuting every day, an off-road enthusiast, or someone who just appreciates the rush of electric skateboarding. Discover the ideal board for your riding style by browsing the entire selection of WowGo Electric Skateboards at WowGo Board.



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